Weakness is Not an American Trait it is a Liberal One Lance Rants Big Time

Are you a loser? Are you weak? Are you simply one of the many down trodden Americans who cannot get out of their own way? Do you know why you are weak and living in mediocrity or even have time to read this article? Well it is due to social conditioning you see. You have been trained and indoctrinated to live a politically correct life never speak out about that is wrong in the world unless you are with a whole bunch of others who believe just as you do; safety in numbers motif. You know like when you marched with the illegal aliens for some media TV coverage to show you are tough? Yah tough smelling?.Did you know now we are training our own children to be even weaker than you? It is true, indeed we are. Did you know that in little league in many areas you cannot say; "Hey batter, batter, batter, swing!" as it might offend a crappy player? Did you know in many areas in middle school they are not keeping score in soccer PE, because someone might feel bad if they lose? Indeed, this is how we train weakness in our society and it is a sick joke, this the political correctness crap and they are brainwashing your own kids.

Imagine having offspring even more worthless and wimpy than even you, you politically correct weakling? It is true, weakness. But did you know your ancestors were not weak at all. You see weakness is not an American Trait; it is a liberal trait.

Liberals are weak and they know it, but do not let them tell you how to raise your family with the little "time out" Johnny go stand in the corner routine. You know if I were Johnny, I'd pop you up side the head you ignorant weakling. So take that you liberal scum. HA! Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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