Absorption of Battlespace Toxins

During the Iraq war we had to protect our troops against bio-toxins and Weapons of Mass Destruction and in doing so they were all equipped with gas masks, shots and trained with special procedures. But even so once a war is over and in the potential eventuality that one human civilization may choose to use bio-weapons over another, we must concern ourselves with the long-term problems such as the remaining toxins in the battlespace once the war of political will is over.Once an area has been subjected to bio-toxins or Bio weapons of mass destruction it could be decades or even centuries until it can be re-inhabited again. It is unfortunate that mankind would turn to bio-weapons to kill his own species; but in war human beings often find them selves without limits or morality and often thinking short-term, as in kill or be killed rather than long-term, when the political conflict of the will of one nation over that of another is over.

It is kind of like your mom telling you that you must clean your room after your friends come over to play. If the nations of the world are going to ingage in human conflict to serve their political will after an impasse has been reached then they must agree to take responsibility to clean the place up afterwards and if not. Leave those toys in the military toy box and pick a different toy to use? Consider all this in 2006.

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