Romantic Birthday

You are in love and your beloveds birthday is coming soon. Imagine the explosion of feelings. Already in romance, a person loses all his sanity. Combine that with birthday of the beloved and you will get a perfect madcap.

I know of a lover who had sent 32 mails to his beloved on her 32nd birthday. He had no chance of sending anything else. It was difficult to select 32 ecards, and hence all the mails went together, each expressing one particular message of love. Why does one act like this? It is because of love.

Love brings out the best in our nature. We feel on clouds all the time. Waiting to hear the beloveds voice itself becomes a great celebration.

Looking at her/him is a bonus, and if one can be together for some time it is as if Gods themselves gifted this. It is romance.A person in love will have the most difficult time on his/her beloveds birthday. What to do? What gift to give? Where to meet? When to meet? Mind goes in a spin thinking of all this. And the feeling of love is the icing on the cake.

Till now we have spoken of love. Now let us talk of birthdays. You will find even people well beyond their every age, enjoying their birthday as if there will be no tomorrow. I have always wondered, why the birthday changes everything. The mood is different.

How the day manages to do this trick has always been a question for me. In the case of beloveds birthday, the combination is of love with birthday. The result as I said earlier is explosive. Enjoy this explosion. Not everyone is lucky.Enjoy life.

Please do not let a single moment of pleasure slip away from your hands. You never know what the next minute will bring. Life can be treacherous at times. Enjoy the moment with all your might and float in the bliss.

The day may never come again, as it happened with the lover of the story above. He was never given a chance to send 33 mails. The beloved had turned into his biggest foe. The protector had turned the killer.

Let that not happen to anyone again. So please, enjoy. I would say, birthday or no birthday, enjoy your romance at all the times.

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Romantic Birthday - You are in love and your beloveds birthday is coming soon.


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