Accelerating Active Work Visa Admissions

We need easier ways to allow people to come to work in the United States who are able to do jobs that Americans cannot do or will not do to insure that all the flows of our civilization run smoothly. Our work Visa Programs and temporary work Visa situation in America is not working right now.Some of these issues are filling our Immigration Courts and part of the issues with our illegal immigration nightmare in the United States. There are serious problems in some of the largest computer and tech companies with not enough programmers to get all the work done and this is causing outsourcing and lost profits for major corporations. But it gets worse and many of the most high-tech companies are complaining that they are being put at a severe disadvantage to foreign competitors.How bad is the problem? It is said to be so bad that many of the next generation software and super promising technological advances are being delayed for years in the private sector, government sector and even Space and Military.

The issue is serious enough that if we do not figure out a way to quickly screen applicants and give them tamper proof ID cards which allow them to work here the United States of America will in fact lose its technological edge forever. So, please consider this in 2006.

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