All Children Left Behind

The U.S. educational system was dysfunctional fifty years ago, due in no small part to the desires and manipulations of government.

In fifty years it has only become worse for the same reasons. I can hear the echoes. We need scientists, mathematicians and more teachers if we are going to compete in a global economy.

And what pray tell, would we need if we were going to cooperate in a global economy? We would need scientists, mathematicians, teachers, artists, tradespersons and craftspersons. But who can afford all that? No, we must decide on what is important and teach to that. Never mind the natural inclinations, abilities or talents of the individual children.

America is not about individuals. America is about national pride. America is about money and power and imposing its will.

We need children to grow up and carry on this fine tradition. And almost all the people say amen.When the statists weight education, public and private, pretending to know what we will need in twenty years, while they can't budget money more than a year at a time; all children are left behind. This in spite of any laws they pass, or what they name them. Those who are pushed into science, math and teaching graduate to find a global glut of scientists, teachers and mathematicians, who by virtue of a few years of age are employed and experienced. So our new scientist takes a job in the service economy and tries to repay a large five figure debt and can't afford to live anywhere but with mom and dad.

Fooled you good!.Some of these scientists might have become great writers who could explain the shortcomings of government, industry, education and parenting to the rest of us. Better she should be flipping burgers.

Others who were not suited to the state agenda, might have become great artists, but then who needs them and who pays them? Let them flip burgers with an eye to management. One day they might buy the franchise they work for and do whatever they wish with all their free time.If an American government education was worth much, teachers would get twice the pay and benefits they do.

America has always taken the attitude that teaching Johnny is such a rewarding emotional experience, teachers should pay for the privilege ? and they do. Amazing isn't it?.Regardless of any government assistance ? strings attached, the responsibility for a child's education falls squarely on parents and grandparents, most of whom can't pay their bills except all go out to work; college educated or not.

We can thank corporate, money loving government for this sorry state of affairs as well. I'd wager there is not one parent in twenty who wants any more for their child than economic security, which they believe is gained with a college degree or two, regardless of expense or debt. Government says to parents; "we know you have it tough, we'll educate Johnny and maybe we'll have a war for him to fight after graduation." Parents are greatly relieved and send Johnny off to school where he will learn obedience, discipline and loyalty ? the very things he needs to be a good citizen in a competitive world. If flipping burgers does not appeal to him there is a military career, even if the war comes later. No need for Johnny to be homeless if he can pass a few tests and a physical exam.

More and more people are sacrificing the "good life" in hopes they can do better for their children than government citizen mills. I salute them. Even if these people fail to do better, the child stands a better chance of success and survival just by virtue of being different and perhaps, thinking for him/her self. It is not difficult to teach a child to think, but such an adult is of far less value to the corporate state.

The current Congress is the proof of my words. No original thinking, no imagination, college educations, six figure incomes and what good are they?.If it is your desire that your child becomes a soldier or a cog in the money loving machine s/he most certainly will not be left behind.

But if you want anything better for your child, you need to plan for it before s/he is born. Only you can afford to tailor an education to the needs, interests and abilities of your child. Only you care enough about your child to not leave her behind but guide and direct her to a rewarding and fulfilling life. If you don't care that much, just send her off to money lover school for twelve years. She'll do just fine, maybe marry a franchise owner or soldier.


Ed Howes sought and found, knocked and entered. Now he sees things differently. To see more of what he sees, please visit or do an author search here at Ezine Articles.

By: Ed Howes

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