All This Flooding Headed for the Chesapeake

As the floodwaters reach the Chesapeake River we watch the rivers and tributaries leading to it over flow and crest their banks. All this flooding is headed for the Chesapeake River and will make the waters muddy.This means people who live along the Chesapeake may see lots of erosion and debris floating by and very high waters and this will cause flooding in some areas as well. Worse off there goes all the hard work to clean up the Chesapeake River by environmentalists, but do not go out for your Earth Day debris clean up just yet as you might be washed away for good.All This Flooding Headed for the Chesapeake now as it makes its way to the sea and we also have another storm headed towards the North East so this entire problem is far from over yet.

We also have a storm off the Coast of the Carolinas, which looks like a Hurricane on the Infrared radar but is not yet even considered a Tropical Storm, which if it becomes one, would be named Beryl.Can Maryland handle more rain from the newest storms on the way? Will Maryland environmentalists be washed out to the sea this time? Will the Hurricane form and head their way? No one knows for sure we can only hope and pray? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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