Americas Power Elite Families Are they all Just Scoundrels

Many people are upset that the power elite own and control nearly everything in America. But why is that? One would if you control the wealth then you would control the businesses and Corporations too. If you have money and send you kids to the power elite schools then some of these off spring will end up in politics, will they not? Does that make them scoundrels or just over achievers of powerful and wealthy families?.Who is the scoundrel? Isn't the real scoundrel he who gives back nothing and partakes of the bread? He who lives in mediocrity and has not personal character and puts nothing in yet complains about everything? I feel the US has potential for all comers really.

If they have big amounts of money they can set up a business, if not there are ways to barter and barrow, if they have family monies all the more power to them, as their family had a longer term plan and they are too the beneficiaries.If anyone ones family does that they can have the same benefits of such a strategic plan by riding on synergies and attending the right schools and working hard and smart. If they coast they do their families a dishonor, if the rise to the occasion the whole of humanity is more served by there efforts to increase their position generally by providing goods and services to consumers thru a business or to a government from a corporation.Simply calling successful folks scoundrels is a bit much unless you actually know them personally and can vouch for such personal character flaws you see? I reserve judgment, allow for trust and verify, it is safer that way. Meanwhile onward and upward and be thankful for my life experience and all my freedoms too.

Consider this in 2006.

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