Archetypal Symbology For the Renewal of the Body Mind and Soul

According to modern research, the mind operates at all times on some electro-magnetic frequency. These vibratory frequencies are measured in brain waves or other types of waves from the electromagnetic spectrum. These frequencies are determined by the level of consciousness upon which the individual is operating.Dr. David Hawkins, who mapped the human consciousness, outlined the vibrational frequencies of various states of mind.

His map was designed to help us determine the frequency upon which our minds are ordinarily functioning. Beliefs determine the style and level of our daily electromagnetic functioning. My hypothesis here is that we can raise our consciousness-level significantly by changing our belief systems through the meditative practice of symbology.

Certain pictures carry archetypal energy frequencies. By exposing our right brains (which respond to picture language) to certain images or symbols while in a meditative state, we can un-program, or re-program, our subconscious mind where many of our negative belief systems are stored.The theory behind archetypal psychosymbology can be expressed in this simple manner: All phenomena either conceal or reveal the Infinite.

When you use your finite sight, the Infinite is concealed; when you use your Infinite Vision, the Infinite is revealed.Sight is the activity of the physical eyes and the programmed human mind. With sight we only see what we already believe, as we perceive through the left-brain and the subconscious mind.

Vision is the activity of the observer or the spirit, which is perception through a less programmed right brain and through our superconsciousness.Archetypal symbols are images, which have universal meaning and value which are hardly known to the left-brain, but to which the right brain has direct access in the Superconscious. These symbols, if flashed to your right brain in a quiet meditative state, will work to bring about a change in your state of vibratory frequency, which includes your feelings, behavior and circumstances. In other words, your beliefs, your feelings, your body, your mind, your health, and your life circumstances seek to function in an integrated manner, although the ego system is basically in conflict with our original nature. This conflict is registered according to our chronic bioelectrical level of adaptation.

For example, if you are chronically angry, functioning at 150 (as per Dr. Hawkins's map), it will affect your body, your relationships, your finances, and your environment (car, house, job, sex life, etc) accordingly.My thesis is that our entire ego belief system with which we have been brain-washed is in conflict with our basic essence and that this conflict is registered for our benefit through our stressful vibratory energies and symptoms.By meditating on any of these selected archetypal images on a regular basis, you will raise your vibratory energy level, and your entire life will improve. These archetypal pictures include the Door Symbol, Fire and Light Symbols, Water Symbols, Love Images, Power Symbols, Abundance Images, Color Images, Relaxation Symbols, Transformation Images, Sound and Music Symbols, Breath and Rebirth Symbols, Health and Healing Symbols, Peace and Joy Images, Wisdom and Balance Symbols.For the best results, select one of these symbols per month and flash it to your right brain for five to ten minutes before going to sleep, while you are in a calm, relaxed state of mind, following a two minute period of continuous inhales and exhales, with no breaks in between.

Follow the same relaxation procedure when you first awaken, using a different symbol or image each day. During the day, feel free to recall and flash either of these symbols to your right brain to re-enforce their impact. Incredible experiences of change have been reported through this simple practice of re-programming the often negative subconscious mind.I have posted a gallery of archetypal symbolic images on a special blog: http://drjoearchetypes.blogspot.

com Spend ten minutes in the morning and ten mintues before going to bed with over a period of a week with each of the images posted in my blog.Keep in mind?"One picture is worth a thousand words." And consider how you might benefit if you do this exercise twice a day.The effort is not a no-brainer; it is a right-brainer.The practice is designed to be: Magical, not logical; Symbolic, not literal; Metaphorical, not verbal; Integrative, not analytical; Circular, not sequential; Absorbed, not just read; Transformative, not just informative; a Right-brainer; not a left-brainer; Meditative, not argumentative; Revelatory, not repetitive.


Carroll J. Wright, Ph.D. is a professional counselor, spiritual psychotherapist, and researcher in the field of transpersonal psychology,as well as author of several books. He can be reached at:

By: Carroll J. Wright

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