Are You Really Homophobic

Recently there has been a lot of debate in online chat forums and the Blogs on the issue of Gay Marriage. The Christian Right wants to stop the idea of gay marriage stating; Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman. Anyone who argues this point is considered and instantly labeled by the Homosexual Fringe as; Homophobic.

I find this fascinating indeed because I have been called Homophobic once after helping a Boy Scout Troop in a Fundraiser, by some of the Gay Fringe and they even went out of their way to threaten to boycott my company. Needless to say I did not appreciate that and was highly upset and very angry. Does this make me Homophobic?.As far as them walking down the street, I am not scared in anyway, complete tolerance, even to the point of ignoring them.

And you are not talking with a half-wit or bigot fool like some of the posts here, as I can back up every word and I know now what kinds of things this fringe group is capable of; I have seen it. Stereotyping? Homophobic? Biggotry? Racist? Prejudice? No, oh maybe a little jaded now perhaps, but I know what I know and am not fooled one bit and I am reminded of the attacks and thus am no longer going to stick my neck out call out for their cause. Because if the homosexual community sits back and lets their fringe violate my rights, there is no way in hell I will assist them with theirs. You see the problem they have caused? Not for me for their own grouping.With that said eventually there will be homosexual unions or marriage in this county, it is inevitable. Will that hurt they country? No, the nation will continue as always, there are much bigger issues.

It will come to pass I can see the trend already. But to argue for a wait and see approach on this Gay Marriage thing seems to put one into the crosshairs of a verbal sparring debate over whether or not you are a Homophobic who is merely afraid of their inner feelings. Consider all this in 2006.

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