Building Your Own Ladder To Success

The Dolly Parton song goes : Get up in the morning, Stumble to the kitchen, Pour myself a cup of ambition, Yawning, stretching, tryin' to come alive.Many of us go through that familiar grind in the morning. We head on down to the office and work till it's time to go home. By the time we're home, the kids are fast asleep.

We have time for a shower, snack and some TV before it's lights out and you repeat the whole cycle again.That's great if you really love your job and you're getting your fair share of the perks that come with your job. Many people don't have it so great though. Their bosses are less than understanding, they have to put up with unreasonable demands, deal with angry customers and at the end of the month, their take home pay is just barely enough to cover their family needs. They yearn for a better way to make a living, but they just don't have enough energy to do work out their dreams.

Everybody complains about their job but we seldom think that we can actually change things. We've been conditioned from our childhood to get a good education, then a good job and to work our way up the ladder. Nobody ever taught us that we could BUILD our own ladder instead of climbing up someone else's ladder!.Here are some tips how you can use your time at your current job to build your own ladder and make yourself rich:.Get good at your job.

Learn new skills. Attend that extra training. Go the extra mile. If there's something you can improve, get the right training and improve! Do it with two things in mind ? that you will get better for your current job and that you will eventually use it in the future for your OWN business.

Do your homework..Be realistic.

If there's something you're passionate about, find out more about it and how people make money doing it. Ask people, visit the library, scour the internet. Confidence comes with knowledge and experience. Build on your knowledge first. Experience will come.Network.

Get to know people and their business. This includes your bosses. The more people you know, the higher the possibility that something will come your way that you can do to make money for yourself.

Save your money..Always be prepared that opportunity may knock at your door at any time and when it does, you may need that extra cash to help you start your own money making venture.Think out-of-the-office.Don't bring your work and its problems home.

Give your best at work but when you leave your office, start thinking about YOURSELF and how you can make YOURSELF rich!.Walk the talk..

Most people talk about escaping the rat race and being their own boss but never do anything about it. Don't wait until there's a crisis to start your money making business. Do it freelance, part-time, anytime, but do it.

Now the ball's in your court folks. Do yourself a favor and take a good long hard look at yourself and what you're good at. Build on your strengths and find out ways you can make money from those skills. As you climb your full-time corporate ladder, there's no reason why you can't start building your own freelance business and your own ladder to riches! Let your freelance or home business be a natural progression of who you are and what you're passionate about.

If you ever get laid off, and your corporate ladder suddenly disappears, you'll have your own personal success ladder to climb. Your freelance business might just make the difference between financial security and desperation.

.Andrew Shim is the owner and editor of PositiveMoneyIdeas.

com a website which offers FREE Money Making Ideas for those interested in starting their own freelance or home based business. Visit his Work At Home Make Money Blog at Source:


By: Andrew Shim

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