Car Washes to Be Shut Down By Illegal Alien Boycott from Work

If illegal aliens boycott on May 1, 2006; well, let's just say there goes all the carwashes. You're going to define the different day to get your Car washed. Oh, I am sure the carwashes owner will have some lame excuse with the signing out front which says down for repairs or some silly notion, but don't be fooled.If they are closed for business on Monday it is because the hire illegal aliens and they are one of the problems in your own community that has caused this illegal immigration issue. In fact they are greedy and care more about making the few extra tax dollars to stick in their pockets then the safety of the American people and the economic welfare of our nation. They are not with us.

But why are carwashes so apt to higher illegal aliens? Is it really because no one will work there who is an American? Of course not, the real reason is because they are in the cash business and they would rather save on the payroll taxes and put that money in their pockets than to run the legitimate business.Did you know the carwashes are notorious for cheating other taxes? In fact the IRS has a booklet for their enrolled agents, which helps them understand the ratios of expenses to actual sales sold out the carwash owners cannot cheat. Instead they find another way; hiring illegal aliens. One industry analyst in the carwash business has stated that the average carwash owner skims over $3000 per week in cash from his business, which is un-reported, as long as the weather is good.

Consider this 2006, because quite frankly I am appalled.

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By: Lance Winslow

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