Companies Such as Car Washes to Be Targeted for Using Illegal Aliens

Most carwash is in the United States of America use illegal immigrants and illegal aliens his labor. There are many reasons why they do this for instance illegal aliens will work cheaply and are paid cash to be in the day. There is no need to reports the payroll taxes, because the illegal aliens won't tell.Carwash owners are also notorious for cheating on their taxes in fact the Internal Revenue Service IRS has a special booklet for enrolled agents, which tells of all the possible scams of carwash owners.

So it is obvious that there try to cheat this system and by hiring illegal aliens this is just one more way to do that.CNN to this story recently on; "The Types of Companies Using Illegal Workers" and the Bush administration indicated that these type of companies will be targeted. But it is highly doubtful that the United States government will go after these carwash owners, because then you would be paying high prices for gasoline for your darn dirty car.

Of course if they don't go after the illegal aliens you won't have a job to go to anyway and thus you may as well stay home and don't buy gas.Oh sure, the United States government says that they will use all the tools at their disposal to track down those businesses which hire illegal aliens and exploit them. They even Have homeland security Secretary Michael Chertoff stating that they will seek them out just like they seek out criminal organizations, but you know that's bull shot.The fact is you go down to local carwash right now in Roundup 30 illegal aliens stuff them in the back of your SUV and drive them to the border yourself and you will have beaten the United States government by 10 years until they finally get around to it.

What a crock of crap? Do you believe this hypocrisy and BS? Think of this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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