Could Your Surroundings Change Enough to Get You a Speeding Ticket

I have been thinking about writing this for some time and finally broke down to do it. My specialty is self-help, and I think this is related to self-help, in a roundabout way, as in ? you can help yourself by preventing a speeding ticket with just one simple concept.I "Directed Dreaming, Success From the Subconscious.

" It has been really nice not having to answer to anyone else but myself. I get to sleep in, I have time to analyze my dreams, and it was all good!.One day I decided to take off for the mall about 3:00 in the afternoon to buy some baby shower gifts. I got my gifts and headed for home. I was traveling down a road that I have gone down a million times before, and my mind was wandering, thinking about all the work I had to do when I got home.

Then suddenly it happened ? I looked back and saw a policeman on a motorcycle behind me with his flashing lights on! I was certain that he was after someone else; I pulled over, only to find him pulling in behind me.I didn't know what to do because until then I had a perfect record. No accidents, no tickets, nothing! At first I thought I might muster up some tears, but then I felt foolish about that so I sent up a prayer, and tried to focus all the energies in the world on the hope that this officer was a nice guy, and I was a nice person, and he would not give me a ticket. I begged the officer not to write me up, but to make a long story short, for the first time in my life I received that dreaded speeding ticket!.As I was driving home, I wondered why I had never seen a policeman on that road before, and what had changed that day? As I said earlier, I had traveled down that road a million times, but never once noticed a policeman, or even saw anyone pulled over.As I was thinking about it, the only thing that changed was my freedom.

Usually when I am on that road, it's full of other travelers ? doing errands on weekends, at lunchtime, etc, I never thought about the speed limit before, because I never got up enough speed to even be concerned about it with so many others on the road. On that day, I was driving at a time when I am usually not out, and even though the road and the surroundings looked the same, they were, in reality, completely different than usual.I guess what I'm trying to warn you about is to be careful in your normal surroundings, but even more importantly, when something in your life changes, be especially aware of your surroundings until you get a feel for them. There are small changes that happen thought the day ? and things are not always as they seem.Of course now I found this book on "Proven Tips to Avoid and Fight Speeding Tickets" The Author is a person like me, who wants to prevent others from getting in this sticky situation.

And, I found out that it was a good thing that I didn't cry!.

.Evelyn Grazini is the Author of "Directed Dreaming.

Her specialty is Self-Help including Dreaming, Hypnosis and Intuition. Free Speeding report is at:

pdf and

By: Evelyn Grazini

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