Create Closure and Possibilities

How many of you agree that closure is needed before you are truly able to embrace the future? The simple act of closing one door so you can open another holds true. I want you to visualize the actual door with you standing in the middle. You have one foot inside the door with the other foot outside the door. You physically can't be in and out at the same time.So, what does this tell you? If you truly want to move forward in your relationships, career or other areas, you need to stay inside or completely go out.

It is easier to keep the door open, in that you don't need to declare to the world which direction you are headed. This way you always have an excuse, something to fall back on if you don't succeed. What a comfort that mustbe! Try thinking of this from a different angle. Things in your past are there for a reason, it was either not meant to be or it was the wrong time.Either way, you are choosing whether you want to continue living in your past or move forward. Why not use this as an opportunity for something new and exciting to enter your life.

You can stop looking in the rear view mirror all the timeand begin looking into the future. Be open to closing the door for good while embracing all the opportunities that can now present themselves to you. Of course you can peak at the past once ina while, just don't let it determine where and what you do now.ACTION STEPS FOR THE WEEK:.1. Ask yourself some questions.

You first need to figure out why you are holding on to certain memories and periods in your life. Is what you are holding onto helping you move forward in your life? What will realistically happen if you let this go? What can you gain by letting this go? Also ask yourself what you feel you are gaining by holding on to the past.2. Think about the pros and cons.

Once you have answered the first set of questions, you need to dig a little deeper. What are the potential pros from leaving the past in the past? What fears arise as to why you haven't been able to move forward? What are the cons from continuously diving into your past? Don't settle for superficial answers, dig until you are satisfied with the answers.3. Create a plan.Now that you are commited to moving forward, you need a plan to support you. What resources and support can you create to help you stay on track and focused.

Know what your obstacles will be and create ways to overcome them. Surround yourself by individuals that will hold you accountable. Also, keep in mind what you are gaining by staying on course.Good Luck!.

Have a great week! Leslie.P.S.

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By: Leslie Gail

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