Do You Live Your Passion

So. Do you? . Live Your Passion?!.If Your answer is 'Yes' - Allow me to celebrate you and say: 'Good for You and Good for all of us'!.If your answer is 'No' - Allow me to ask you this: 'Why Not'?!.

Do you not believe that you can?!.Do you not feel worthy of it?!.Did it not occur to you that it's possible?!.Do you not know how?!.Most people spend most of their waking hours - working!!!.

Does it make any sense to you at all to spend most of your time doing something you don't love or enjoy?! Moreover, Are you being impeccable with the person you work for and everyone else involved?! And. What about your purpose - are you fulfilling your soul's destiny?!.I Happened to watch someone close to me regret his life choices when I was in my early twenties - it was a great lesson for me.

It caused me to decide at a young age, to live a life that will hold no regrets! I didn't want to get to the age of 50 or 60, just to look back and feel like I wasted my life.I wanted to live a life that is worth living, regardless of what anyone might think or say - this is my life and It's up to me to live it to it's fullest! And you know what, it's never too late to make this decision, as long as you still have a breath in your lungs..Imagine what would it be like to live in a world in which people are passionate about the work that they do, where people get up in the morning, excited about their day.What would this world look like.? What would it feel like to live in it.

? And. What kind of promise would it hold for our future generations.?.

Imagine that you are one of these people.!.Imagine getting paid for what you love and enjoy.

!.Imagine the righteousness and impeccability.!.

Imagine the example you set for others.!.Imagine Your fulfillment and contribution.

!.So Where do you start?.You start by realizing your passions or at least one of them. What do you love doing, what brings you joy? What makes you feel alive? What causes you to loose track of time? What gets you so involved that you even forget about your own existence.?.Once you realize your passion, contemplate ways of turning it into income - You can turn any passion into abundance and there are unlimited ways of doing that.

You can start by taking a look at what others do - the Internet makes that easy, just do a little search on your topic, you will be amazed at the possibilities!.You can build an online business around your passion. Thousands of people are already doing it successfully! (See 'Case-Studies' link at my blog for examples.

).And No, You don't have to go cold turkey and quit everything today. Build it in a way and pace that feels right to you, but get started NOW, because Now is the only existing moment!.When you work for the money and only for the money - it can Never be Your Greatest Potential, even if it pays really good! Life is too precious to spend most of it in a state of mediocrity and lack of fulfillment.When you do something that you would enjoy doing even without the pay - you are on the path to No-Regret, The Path to Greatness!.

The only question left is: Will You, or Will You Not Choose to Live Your Passion and fill your days with Joy and True Abundance?!. .Copyright Ayelet Yedidia-2006.

.Ayelet Yedidia is the Publisher of The Inspirational Blog where she provides Inspiration, Guidance and Practical Tools, Helping You to Unleash Your Greatets Potential and Tranform Your Life! Ayelet Invites You to Visit Her Blog At: http://www. .

By: Ayelet Yedidia

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