Does a Royal Bloodline Give Someone an Edge in Competing in the Real World

If you have royal ancestry do those genes necessarily assist you in competing in the real world? Does royal bloodlines or DNA really help you win in life? This is an interesting subject because we come to find out that so many people running things, from large corporations to government offices, happen to have royal ancestry or bloodline.You see there are over 1 million Americans with royal ancestry in the United States presently and there are a disproportionate number of people running things who have these genes; why?.Well some of it could be a sense of belief that they are destined to be in charge, some might be nurture of family compelling them, even pushing them to succeed. But is that the genes and DNA or is it merely the will of the family pushing their children harder?.Is it both nature and nurture that gives these people the edge? Well even if you had royal bloodlines, who is to say that is good or bad? It might be bad actually? Or it might be better, who could really say.

For instance; one might have too much of something in one regard and something else which makes one more susceptible or vulnerable to another something. As that too is nature and in my opinion every person is compromise of sorts; like an aircraft, as some go very fast, some carry a lot of weight, some are meant for cargo, some are built to defend, while others to attack.But of course there are certain materials that aircraft can be made out of that are better than others; let's call this the DNA. There too, sometimes it is good sometimes not. Maybe good for some things, while not so good for others? Perhaps this philosophical discussion might propel future discussion? Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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