Drought in England The farce that is the English Media

Over the last few weeks or so, it has been all over the English national papers how a drought has taken hold of England. It has covered all the front pages; yet, the supposed drought only actually affected a few regions in the very South East of England. The fact that it covered the pages of the national newspapers is ridiculous, the shortage which was minor at best which involved a few hose pipe bans is hardly something that should result in the scare mongering that took place in the papers! Guess what sure enough, we get a week of rain to top the reservoirs back up, "panic" over. There have always been dry periods as well as wet periods; it always has been that way!.

The papers blame "global warming", whether global warming actually exists is another question which I shall discuss in another article. Good reading regarding global warming is Michael Crichton's 'State of Fear' which presents the facts as they are, although like any source of presented information, there is bias! That is another issue that I have with the English media, it is all biased, and often incorrect or irrelevant. How the world would and could improve given proper fair unbiased media coverage, if only!.Why do the media make such huge issues out of such minor problems, people are dying daily in Iraq, thousands are dying daily from Aids. Why can't the English media realise that the world is larger than the southeast of England, it is a sorry and often depressing situation that we are more concerned about a slight drought in the south east of England than the poverty and tragedy of other areas of the globe which is happening day in day out throughout the world! It is a sorry state of affairs, but what can one person do to change this, very little!.

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By: Victor Lensora

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