Economics and the Ranting Public

Today you can go on any Blog and hear the critics criticizing economic policy and the Bush Administration. Yet, our unemployment rates are so low and our GDP so high it is hard to find fault. Of course one could perhaps call question to the trade deficit, yet he who calls issue with it, need only look in the mirror as to why this is? Fore it is the things they buy that is doing it.Personally as an Entrepreneur I am tired of being attacked by over regulation in this country.

If you want the best I have to offer I need an apology from this over regulation, before I go back to work to produce one darn thing. This over regulation tilts the field away from American business and thus I have retired early at age 40 and do not feel like beating my head against the wall to give better service or attempt to produce better goods.Why should I bother to sell them on foreign shores to bring this money back here to re-circulate so all of you can have jobs you do not deserve and maintain demands which cannot be met, while you perform at dismal levels of work ethic.

Debate me! I have been there; stop complaining you did it to yourselves. Stop attacking, over regulating and over lawyering American Businesses if you want reciprocal trade. Consider this in 2006.

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