Finding the Balance in Your Breath by Jeanie Marshall Review of Meditation CD

Finding the Balance in Your Breath
(Guided Meditation)
By Jeanie Marshall
Marshall House (2005)
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (1/06)
.As the title depicts, after meditating to the calming voice of Jeanie Marshall, one can't help but feel balanced. In our fast paced, stressed out, lives I believe this is the best meditation for bringing calmness and serenity to one's life.

Taking the time to meditate for the 20 minutes, which this CD provides, will take the person from the buzz of the outside world to the quiet inner sanction of the soul. "Finding the Balance in Your Breath" not only gives calmness but inspiration to continue with the activity at hand.I give this meditation 100% approval for anyone that feels overwhelmed, overworked, and over stressed, and, wants to find the inner peace within.

Perfect to do during the break at work.Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant, directs all activities of Marshall House, drawing on the services of other professionals as needed. Her consulting practice has evolved over the years, transforming to respond to the needs of her clients of today. Jeanie says "the most joyous part of my professional life is working one-on-one with clients, which is a partnership of co-creative, empowering ideas.

" With a focus on energy, Jeanie supports each person in being empowered and authentic. Her sessions typically begin or end with a guided meditation process..

.Irene Watson is the Managing Editor for Reader Views http://www.readerviews.


By: Irene Watson

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