Friendship An Invaluable Asset

Friendship is a great asset. But Much under valued and always taken for granted. Why? Because everybody has friends, rather most of us have. In comparison, money is valued a lot, because not all of us have it. But friendship can at times prove to be a bigger and better asset than money.

To have a true friend is the greatest comfort in the world. Even if you lose all your money, your friend will remain with you. Your friend will support you when you need it most. He/she will do it without your asking for it.

Because that is friendship. When we are born, our greatest friend is our mother. She takes care of us under all circumstances and protects us at times by giving away her life. Friendship is like that.

As we grow older, we begin making friends. With some of them we have disputes. With others we are dissatisfied. With very few, we remain friends for life.

With those friends, we are assured of help whenever we need it. We also have to be prepared to do that. Friendship is not a one way street.

It demands commitment from both the friends. But the fruits of friendship are very sweet and the fruit drops from the tree only when we are most hungry.To make true friends is not an easy task. It needs lot of effort. We have to give love, care and support to sustain a friendship.

What we expect from our friends, is also expected by them from us. Once we have true friends, we can be sure that we will never be left alone.

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By: CD Mohatta

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