Hamas at War With Israel

Well things are sure coming to a head in the Gaza Strip as now Israeli Forces have taken out a bridge and a Power Plant with Air Strikes. Hamas refused to give back an Israeli Solider and all this will force things to come to a head as the funding from Iran and other Arab nations to the Palestinian Authority is not going to the people, but rather to be used to buy weapons against Israel.Will this cause escalation and more tensions in the Middle East? Yes, a ton of new problems will come forth, worst of which involves Iranian President and his groups promises to; Blow Israel off the Map and out of the Time Zone.Meanwhile we have Iran planting roadside bombs and threatening the world while they work feverishly to perfect their Atomic Bomb while enriching uranium from Chinese Stock.

Iran has also purchased weapons from both the Russians and the Chinese and promises to use them on Israel, will they attack Israel prematurely to support their Arab Brothers in the Palestinian Authority and Hamas?.Or will they watch and wait as Palestinians die and they have perfected their nukes? Time will tell and no one knows for sure, but this latest development, well lets just say this is not funny, things are heating up and getting serious? Very serious, more to follow. Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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