How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Out of all the elements of your wedding, your pictures will be the only one that'll survive the test of time. You cake will be the first to go, the decorations and flowers will follow, and the dress will be put away in your closet to only be brought out on rare occasions. Your wedding album however, will be lovingly removed and opened through the years after the wedding, and it can serve not just as a reminder of your special day, but a measure of how far you have come on this special journey.

Hiring a wedding photographer is, therefore one of the most important facets of the wedding, and one that you must plan in depth. Avoid asking relatives and friends to take pictures of your special day ? photography is one place that you don't want to cut corners in. When you're interviewing a photographer, ask to see his work, and not just on his website. You'll need to see hard copies of his work, and taken by the exact same photographer who might be covering your wedding. Look for the lighting, the poses, and the style, and see if you can picture yourself in those exact same situations, and love the results of it.

If not, move on. Ask how prepared your photographer will be come D-day. A good photog should bring along extra lenses, special lenses for low light situations and extra equipment for emergencies.

An assistant is a good thing for a photog to have. Look into his professionalism ? does he strike you as being capable of covering the event? A wedding photog needs to be patient, and have a pleasing personality. Once the reception gets going, it's going to get tough to herd people into a single shot.

Nerves might be frayed, and tempers may run high. A photog needs to be good humored and capable of getting the grouchiest of people to smile and pose happily for the cameras. If he seems aloof or restrained, give him a miss. Finally, he should be someone your budget can afford. Ask if his prices are all inclusive, or if he plans to add on charges for every little thing. You'll know from looking at his work if his prices are worth the dollars.

If you feel like it isn't enough value for your money, shop elsewhere.

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