How To Date A Geek

I should preface this post by saying that I am not dating a Geek. For one lucky lady I am the Geek being dated, and in the spirit of that little nuance, I've decided to let the ladies know exactly how to keep their own personal Geek happy.Communication.

Communication is the foundation for any successful relationship, and the Geek- relationship is no different. Depending on the strength of your feelings towards your very own Geek, you may want to take a crash course in some of the lingo. Don't be surprised to hear him say:.

$> cd /pub/ $> more beer
.All that means is he's gone to the local watering hole to quench his thirst for alcoholic beverages. Though the language may seem completely foreign and overwhelming at first, you will quickly pick up on the finer points of communicating with him. For example, if you find your Geek occasionally doodling the number 42 while in deep thought - leave hiim be.

Your Geek is trying to discover the meaning behind life itself.Sounds lofty, but thats what us Geeks do.Intimacy.Don't be alarmed if your Geek is terrible at talking dirty.

If he comes at you with any of the following lines, cut him some slack;.

Yo baby, I wanna show you my nucleophilic backside attack if ya know what I mean.You up for some spin-spin splitting?.

Hey girl, lemme show you how I grow my carbon polymer.You had me at Hello World.You can put a trojan on my hard drive anytime.How about we do some peer-to-peer saliva swapping?


Although most women may find themselves tasting a bit of their own vomit when presented with these lines, you know that these are the creme de la creme of Geek flirtations. When your Geek tries one of these on you, smile and act as though you are incredibly turned on, even if you just tasted a bit of your own vomit. Most Geeks have incredibly fragile ego's and attempting any course correction will not only shatter them, it'll ruin your relationship as well.Giving and Taking.Every relationship is based off of give and take and this one isn't any different. However, what may be difficult is trying to figure out exactly how to get your Geek to give in on certain issues.

My suggestion is to identify the type of Geek you have and appeal to his weakness. For example, if you're dating a Computer Geek, offer to have him show you how to build a "custom box" in exchange for something. Note that just because you're Geek is into computers does not make him specifically a Computer Geek.

If your Geek is a Linux Geek or Apple Geek, he will take great offense at your misidentification.If your Geek is a D&D Geek, make your suggestion in the context of achieving specific objectives. For example, rather than saying "Can we go to the movies tonight?" you may want to try "Lets quest to the movies tonight. We can purchase some popcorn that gives us a +2 to armor and +4 to attack rolls.

We'll roll a D20 to find out who's driving". I gaurantee you that your Geek will not only take you to the movies, he'll love the fact that you've taken such an interest in his Geekdom.Terminology.I can't stress how how important this is. Understand the difference between Geeks and Nerds. If you're dating a Geek, never call him a nerd.

If you're dating a Nerd, well God bless you. For the sake of discussion, a Nerd is an individual that pursues intellectual interests at the expense of social skills where as a Geek is a person who is fascinated by obscure or very specific areas of knowledge and imagination. Notice the difference, a Nerd lacks social skills where as a Geek does not.

Although traditionally being a Geek had pretty much guaranteed a never ending series of wedgies (and in some regions it still does), acceptance of this social practice is nearly universal. Geekdom has become a badge of honor to be worn with pride. Don't sully your Geeks pride by calling him a Nerd.

Being a Nerd has never been and never will be acceptable.Spending Time.Most ladies can appreciate the importance of spending time with their man. Quality time spent can help a blossoming relationship bloom. It is no wonder why most women are baffled when they can't seem to make their Geek interested in spending time with them.

Timing is everything. More often than not, your Geek does not want to "hang out" because he is probably preoccupied with something else. Your Geek is a romantic, and wants to give you 100% of his attention when he spends time with you.

Trying to interrupt a game of Wold of Warcraft right before a level up because you want to "bond" is not only the absolute worst thing you can do to him in terms of the game, but it can seriously damage your relationship. When your Geek is doing "Geeky" things, leave him be. If you want his attention, find a way to get him away from the computer without sounding like your nagging - I guarantee you that he will not hear a word you say while he's staring at the screen.

Geek Gifts.Indulge your Geek with a techie toy every once in a while. Whether you want it or not, he is going to want all the latest and greatest gadgets all the time. Giving him a gadget for his birthday, or for valentines day is a sure fire way to gain his affection. Some of the best Geek gifts include an Black iPod Nano engraved with Geek phrases like "Got Room" or "All Your Bases Are Belong To Us", a gaming console, a new cellphone etc.

Personal Space.Do not share your tech stuff with your Geek. In fact, do NOT touch his computer without explicit permission to do so. Most Geeks are territorial and it wouldn't surprise me if he pee'd around his new Powermac G5 in order to mark his territory.

At this point you may be wondering if dating a Geek is even worth it. I totally understand your distress, it does seem like a lot of work. However, there are so many reasons why Geeks are amazing that rather than coming up with a conclusive list myself, I thought I'd share one I've found.

The following are a re-creation of Maryam Ghaemaghami Scoble's list of why you should be happy that you are dating a Geek.

.1) He can fix your computer. There I said it. Do you really need another reason? He is not a bum. He has useful skills that can make your life (at least the part that is spent on the computer, and let's face it, that is where we all spent most of our time any way) run smooth.

Not enough? OK, here's number two.2) He has friends who can fix your computer. So now you are in a relationship and he knows he's got you and doesn't feel like he needs to jump every time you call. All of a sudden he is too busy for you? He has work to do and can't get there fast enough? No problem. Call one of his buddies.

They'd love to help out. Geeks are the most helpful friends you'd ever make.3) Not a computer person? OK, here's the killer. He can also hook up the TV, connect the DVD player and Tivo your favorite programs. He'll also hook you up with the sweetest sound system you've ever heard. It would be like angels singing to you.

4) Looking further for another reason? Yes, you guessed it. He has friends who can hook up the TV, connect the DVD player, etc. etc. etc.5) And it gets better: Not only can he fix your computer and DVD player, he can do the same for your friends.

All of a sudden your social life will pick up. Your phone won't stop ringing. Dinner invitations come up every night of the week. You'd be as popular as if you owned a truck and you don't even have to help anyone move.

6) Sigh - you really want more reasons to date a geek? Fine. Here's one for your vanity. He'll make you shine every where you go. No matter how clumsy your sense of style, no matter how awkward your social skills, you'll be a fashion star and a classy diplomat next to your geek.

He'll make you look so good; you'll fall in love with yourself.7) So you are not into computers, TVs and DVDs and you don't care about being popular and fashionable. What about the newest techie gadgets? Do you like cell. phones, digital cameras, camcorders, or MP3 players? Forget bling bling.

Let me tell you girlfriend, you are going to be a proud owner of the latest gadgets if you ever decide to date a geek. Your cell. phone will not only have your best friends' number on speed dial, it would also be able to take pictures, make movies and even do your nails. Your sleek, sexy, and very small digital camera will take pictures that will put Ansel Adams to shame and your brand new, top of the line MP3 player will make all the heads turn your way.8) Not satisfied yet? Ok, I hear you. You are saying gadgets and toys are fun, but they won't keep me warm in the middle of the night, if you know what I mean.

Well, I didn't think I would have to tell you this, but I guess you are going to make me spell it out for you. Here's the deal, sweet and simple: Your geek will worship the ground you walk on. He'll be so happy that a pretty girl like you paid attention to him that he'll be at your feet. He'll adore you as if you were his queen. In his arms, you'll feel like you are at the top of the world.

Believe me, I know what I am talking about.9) I know I got your attention now, but wait it gets better. He won't cheat on you either. You don't believe me? Here's a test. Place the sexiest woman on earth in a room with a geek, say Angelina Jolie in a Victoria Secret sexy lingerie.

At the other corner of the room, place the latest model of some computer or other. I am willing to bet my bottom dollar that your geek would want to play with that computer much more than getting to know Angelina Jolie. In fact, he might not even see her if the computer is on and connected to the Internet.

C'mmon he has to check his email, surf the web and blog about the fact that he is in a room with Angelina Jolie ;).10) Ok, reason number ten. Did I mention he can fix your computer???


Remember ladies, in the world of dating there are many options. Sure you can go for the flashy guy with the smooth smile, or the dude with the bad-ass car, but trust me when I say, there isn't anyone better than that quiet guy in the corner on a laptop. Remember that while Geeks may not have the million dollar smile, they are more than likely to end up with the million dollars.For those who have any additional advice, please leave a comment and I will update the post!.


By: Sunny Sambhara

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