How to Find God

You know a lot of people cannot seem to find God, so where is he hiding? Oh hell he is probably under a rock some where like a snake? Some people spend their whole life looking for god and still cannot find him anywhere?.Do you know why they cannot find him? Well simple really he does not exist. But you ask how come some people can find him then? This is because they trick their minds into joining the group of mass hallucination of religion.

If you think about something enough you mind will attempt to create it, so indeed you could say that god exists only in one's mind. But since god does not exist does this make these people psychotic or schizophrenic? Indeed that is exactly what is going on as they court a made up invisible friend in their own minds.If someone is schizophrenic does this mean they are ignorant or stupid; do they lack IQ? No in fact scientists generally agree that those who are schizophrenic are indeed of higher IQ and their brains are very efficient and they are able to create something out of nothing.The creative mind is something that brain researchers admit that they do not fully understand, yet attribute it to most of the major breakthroughs in mankind's forward progression. But why not use that creative mind to its full potential rather than tricking your mind into believing something that does not exist. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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