Love Test What If You Love Your Friend

You are friends and you enjoy your friendship. You behave with each other as you do with your other friends. One day you find that you have begun having different feelings for your friend. You like him/her more than a friend and are developing romantic love. What should you do?

You want to tell your friend about your feelings. But you are not very sure about them yourself.

Have you really crossed the relationship of friendship and developed romantic love? You are thinking about that and the more you think the more you get confused. Emotions are like that. They can play havoc with us.

After lot of deliberation, you have decided that the feelings of love are true and figments of your imagination. Should you tell your friend? What if he/she does not reciprocate? What will happen to the friendship?

This is a difficult situation. You don't wish to sacrifice your friendship, but if your friend does not reciprocate that will happen.

And there is no way of finding his/her feelings indirectly. You have to do it yourself. What should be done? Please ask. Please tell about your feelings and ask if your feelings are reciprocated. If yes, you are lucky.

If not, let the friendship suffer. You cannot continue loving someone without finding out your friend's feelings. That will be much more painful.

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