Mid LifeThe Time Between Growing Up and Growing Older

What is Mid life in relationship to myself? Is it a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual awakening? It may very well be a little of all.

I don't know the day or the time it happened but I had a realization of what it is to live inside my own skin. This outer part that attracts people and things into my space.

The visual contact that puts people at ease or makes them turn and walk away. The part that so many women and men pay to change, lift and tuck to pretend that along with their new found wisdom they also have youth. That mid life reflection in the mirror that you try to avoid until the day realization sets in and you start meeting its needs, wants and desires.

The need to get connected to yourself becomes a priority. The held together self starts falling apart and you have no understanding of how to put those pieces back the way they were. You actually don't want things the way they were. The desire for change gets overwhelming.

You find that you have now created a new mission and the journey or the next chapter in your life begins.

The list begins by asking yourself what you want . Find yourself a great looking blank page book that represents you. Start to write all your ideas, dreams and desires in this book as carrying everything around in your head can become overwhelming.

The more you write the more you allow your brain to dig out what lies beneath that first layer. You may want a different look or need to present yourself differently. You have a desire to respond in a new way when others ask for your time and attention.

You may want to travel or start a new career. The items on the list can be simple and work their way into deeper desires and more noticeable changes.

Time for yourself to uncover the real you that exists in your skin takes time. Take the plunge and evaluate each area from career to friendships. Check out what's in your mental as well as physical closets and the "stuff" your hanging onto. The cobwebs of fear and thinking you were not a priority need to be swept and dusted out of this picture.

You deserve to express yourself in truthful ways that don't hurt yourself, others or things. It's actually time to really face the reflection looking back at you in the mirror of the present moment. This mid life moment is yours to dissect, evaluate and eliminate.

When you begin to see and feel the changes within yourself, the outward starts to reflect the same. The ease of being with yourself as well as others becomes noticeable. You attract new people, places and opportunities into your life minus the need for acknowledgement from others. The feeling of honoring yourself is a very self rewarding feeling. Life's not always about pleasing others.

Welcome to mid life?the time between growing up and growing old.

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Marge Pickering-Picone is a Nutrition Consultant for Professional Nutrition Services of Rochester, Inc. and the Founder of www. which is a website for the Baby Boomer to find reliable information for facing the changes that are fast approaching. .

By: Marge Pickering-Picone

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