Mini Rejuvenation Vacations

Nothing beats spending a week or two on a luxurious rejuvenation vacation. Of course, who has the time? Allow me to introduce you to mini rejuvenation vacations.Mini Rejuvenation Vacations.If you need a little pick-me-up or just an indulgent weekend, why not try one of the many day rejuvenation retreats available throughout the country? Whether you're on the East Coast, in sunny California, or landlocked in the Midwest, there are plenty of different retreats ready to pamper you for that weekend getaway or midweek splurge.When choosing a place to take a mini vacation, you'll want to choose a place that's close enough to home to be convenient for a small vacation.

At the same time, it needs to be far enough away that you get that "getaway" feel. It may sound like a small distinction, but your mindset is critical part of getting the most out of the rejuvenation process.If you're on the East Coast, the southern area of North Carolina and below can be a welcome change if you're from the New England area.

One retreat that offers mini vacations that the whole family can enjoy is Pinehurst Resort, located in Pinehurst, North Carolina. This resort offers a unique experience: the teen relaxation service. More specifically, they offer treatments and techniques tailored to children age 6-11 or teenagers age 12 and above (with parental supervision for children under age 17). The services include teen facials, a Mother and Teen Daughter ReTreat, a Mother and Young Daughter ReTreat, and even pedicures and manicures for the younger set.

The Pinehurst Spa is a great place for a mini vacation that includes the whole family without the stress!.If you're looking for an even more "mini" mini vacation, why not try a trip to a day rejuvenation retreat for relaxation? Take, for instance, the Two-Hour Heaven package at the 5 Elements Spa and Wellness Center in San Clemente, California. This two hour package includes a European facial and full-body massage with aromatherapy.

Even though you haven't even been away for a full day, this sort of pampering will make you feel as though you've taken the greatest of vacations.Just remember that no matter how short your vacation is, use the time to relax and enjoy! You'll feel great if you just allow yourself to enjoy the treatments and tranquility of your chosen location and atmosphere. Yes, there are tasks waiting for you back in the real world, but they aren't going anywhere!.


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