Montreal Designer Christopher Kon

When it comes to fashion, cutting edge isn't what Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie or any other of a million starlets and genuine stars wait in line for months to get at phenomenal prices. Cutting edge fashion is exactly that; it is on the edges, it is on the fringes, and that is where all the great designers had their start. This is where design is appreciated as an art form, before word of mouth takes over genuine appreciation, and this is currently where Montreal designer Christopher Kontogianis is, along with his innovative and refreshing styles of handbags.

The journey into the world of fashion design is a long and precarious one, and it is one that Kon has been a part of for many years. The 31 year old has been receiving recognition for his handbag designs for the last 7 and a half years, in runways and fashion Meccas from Italy to Los Angeles and New York. Of particular significance to Canadian's is the fact that this country, with its rich cultural heritage, is where Kon calls home and where he first began his journey of creation. A Montreal native (specifically of the Laval region) Kon had exposure to the world of handbags very early, as his father owned and operated a handbag company. Chris himself was very interested in art and design, and credits his mother with the fostering and development of his gifts, with both encouraging words and more material contributions, such as pens, pencils, and other supplies he needed to develop.

And it wasn't long before Kon was bringing these skills into the family shop, cutting out his own designs and combining different materials. It is this fresh combination that Kon brings to today's fashion industry. Inspired by the art of every day life, Kon has contributed to fall line ups of fashion handbags since his label began to take on a life of its own back in 2000. Perhaps it is the combined youth of both the label and the designer, but Kon's bags have certainly been catching the eyes of those on the cutting edge of fashion for several years now. Kon continues to develop new ideas for seasonal lines, and his designs can be found in some of the very finest fashion stores in North America.

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