Natural Face Lift no Im not kidding

I hate to admit this, but soon I'll be turning 52. I feel much younger however Mother Nature along with gravity have started to show their 'signs' on me. I am not happy about this. In the last few years I have tried several different popular fix-it lotions and potions. I would guess that I've spent enough to pay for a full face lift by now, but I don't want to be injected or cut. One product I tried felt like epoxy glue had been applied to my face - I could barely wash it off concerned my face would break into pieces.

Another promised to remove the puffiness under my eyes - it caused an allergic reaction that kept me inside the house for several days and ended up in the trash. It has been ridiculous. Until I did a little research about the products used in high priced Spa's and learned about volcanic ash clay.

Natural, legendary use, exclusive Spa treatment - yep, this sounded like a possibility. So, here is what I discovered Volcanic Ash Clay is just exactly what the name implies - a combination of powdery ash from a volcano with water makes volcanic ash clay. This clay has been utilized for its health and cosmetic uses for centuries from ancient tribes in Africa to North American Indians to even Cleopatra! I researched more and learned that these volcanic clays contain molecules that are comprised of negative electrons that literally attract positive electron toxins in the skin and draws them out - a skin mask magnet so to speak. I was intrigued. Then I learned that this volcanic ash clay has primarily been reserved for use in the most exclusive spas of the world - kept secret from everyday women in need of its charm. And you should know, it's not easy to find - but there are a few online distributors recently.

I tried it - andI love it. Any volcanic ash clay is not cheap - but I can tell you that one jar lasts a LONG TIME - and I use it several times a week. I like that the clay removes toxins from my skin and it's natural, but best of all - I love it because it helps me look as young as I feel! Do a little research yourself - and try this product. Your skin will love you for it!.

If a natural face lift sounds right for your skin, think about trying a volcanic ash clay.

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