Organizations Number One Rule

Forgetfulness is not exclusively a sign of some dreaded medical disorder, but more probably an indication that you are perfectly normal ? simply disorganized. The momentary thought of unachieved accomplishments submerging from your subconscious need to be recorded on paper until you are able to do something about them.The Beginner's List of Lists.Did you ever wonder where tattoos originated? The first tattoo ever issued probably read, "Buy milk.".

The first and foremost rule of any organizational venture is to never be more than two steps away from a notebook and pen. Devoting a few minutes to draft a list can save hours of re-thinking and back tracking. Mental notes are not always as readily available as a note pad. Any unfinished business cluttering up your thoughts, any situation that can be improved on, any bright idea you might have or any fleeting thought worth further consideration must be captured on paper the second it crosses your mind, before it evaporates into oblivion.

The victorious feeling of accomplishment as you scratch each completed project off the list, breeds anticipation of completing the next. Each tiny goal achieved encourages you to accomplish even more.Things to do Today.The first thing you need to do every morning is to list the things you will need to accomplish that day.

Make a master list of the routine chores that are necessary to complete for your own peace of mind.Interruptions inevitably present themselves, but unless they are dire emergencies, write them down and take care of them later. Finish your current project to the best of your ability and bask momentarily in your personal success once it is concluded.

Then move on to the next detail on your list.The Basic Shopping Lists.Life can become quite uncomfortable by running out of everyday items you take for granted. The time to restock these vital necessities is when your supply is half used.

Buy in quantity. Regardless of the lack of storage space you may have, these items must take precedence for the convenience and comfort they provide. You can do without a lot of other things, but the inconvenience of running out of things like toilet paper cannot be overestimated.No two grocery shopping trips will ever be exactly the same, but there are certain basic staples and supplies you will never want to run out of and which will require perpetual replenishment.Around Town Errands.

List errands to be run under the same guideline as your grocery list. Write down all the places you have to go in accordance to the layout of your town. By concentrating only on those places you really need to go, you avoid the tendency to make "extra stops," which end up costing extra money.


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By: Terri Emmett

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