Personal Development The Myth of the Proven System

Are you reading as well many of these self help books out there? Are you listening to all these presentations and going to all these seminars, where "the sure method" or "the proven system" is introduced, promising that you just have to follow it, in order to get what you want? Did you ever read the disclaimer as well? And did you wonder, why it didn't yet work for you?.In my humble opinion there is no such thing as "the one and only method" working for everybody. If that would be true, there wouldn't be thousands and thousands of "proven systems" out there?just one would do the job, don't you think?.Systems and processes are great when it comes to i.e. manufacturing a product, since it allows to exactly producing the same result by following the outlined steps.

However, when it comes to the achieving of results outside the technical realms like getting wealthy or in Personal Development, it becomes very tricky. The reason is that each of us human beings is wired in a very unique way, not comparable to any other person on the planet. We are truly unique as we can prove with our fingerprints, or an Iris-scan, or a DNA-Analysis. And we are functioning in our very own way based on the experiences we have, our belief-system. and our habits?to keep it simple.Each system we are confronted with, we are interpreting based on the above facts, and the interpretation is differing from one human being to the other.

Since it is extremely difficult to "change" a human being?maybe a brainwash would do it?a simple change of the system or process seems to be the more viable solution. Based on our wiring we understand or interpret "in context". For example we have difficulties to memorize for a longer period of time "abstract issues" like numbers or names, but we easily remember a face and a story. We are by far not as logic as we like to appear, it's quite the opposite. There is no other way for us, than finding our very own process, a system that works for us, and it must be alignment with who we are and how we operate.

Follow your bliss, follow your inspiration, and read the books or go to the seminars you feel well with. You will for certain learn a lot. But, beyond that, you will have to do your own work on and with yourself, to find your very own and unique way to succeed.

Why is that? If you look at yourself as the "energy field" you truly are, and if you are taking into account what science nowadays knows, then you realize that with every choice you make, a whole new universe is opening up for you. You might not see it right now, but every moment you are making your choices subconsciously, thus creating the world you are in. It is your "Youniverse". You are unique, one of kind, and only your very own way can work for you. Stop depending of the opinion of others now! Get educated on how to think instead of what to think.Can this be done all by you alone? Yes it could, and you just must be 100% committed, disciplined, and persistent, following through no matter what.

No excuses! No exceptions! However, there is a reason that all of the most successful people on this planet have coaches! Getting guidance by somebody loving you just the way you are, is the key! It is the most important decision you have to make, on your way to make your dreams come true. And then your personal development, your personal growth will be more than rewarding.Stand up for yourself and get into your power now!.


Walter H. Groth
Institute for Life and Career Transition

Walter H. Groth founded the Institute for Life and Career Transition with offices in Laguna Beach and Munich.

He specializes in Teaching and Coaching the Power of Personal and Spiritual Growth, and how to leverage this by applying the "Universal Principles" as proven by Quantum Physics.If you believe that you have a lot more potential than your real world success shows, please contact us Source:


By: Walter H Groth

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