Rebuilding New Orleans Is It Wise

Some say we must rebuild New Orleans and other say that is simply nuts, as the Hurricanes are not going to stop anytime soon and it could take years to rebuild the city's defense infrastructure to handle Mother Nature. I agree that building a city under sea level when you do not have to is silly.The French are the ones who decided to do it actually if we look at history. Indeed as a former president once said; "the buck stops here" although that night the Hurricane went over it took 18-hours for the storm to pass over before the winds were under Tropical Storm or Gail force levels and when the levee was breached there was not a whole lot anyone could do then? There was no way to get equipment in or even help and I-10 was out on both sides into the city.The inability to work together due to politics and the blob of bureaucracy is a little unnerving considering that government is so large and claims it is able to take care of us and protect us? Of course this was the third most powerful Hurricane in US History and that storm surge along the rest of the Gulf Coast is a pretty good example.

Everyone thought New Orleans dodged the bullet, but the next day we found out otherwise. It's like; "the British kept a' coming" and didn't "run thru the braffles and bushes back to the Gulf of Mexico".In reading the White House Katrina Report. Not all of it; well over 250 pages, but enough of it like the 9-11 Report to understand all the communication issues, bureaucracy issues, who was in charge of what issues and the mistakes like 1500 buses being submerged rather than driving out of town with people in them.

And I know it is not politically correct to say this, but why are we rebuilding a city, which is under sea level when forecasters are talking about another decade or more of the same? The political correctness and whining is getting the best of our overall reality check and nation's intelligence. I mean it is the truth, even if everyone wants to rebuild that superfund site/toxic waste dump now. Not taking anything away from New Orleans of the Chocolate people there (whatever); I mean I like a good no-whip white mocha frappachino venti once in a while for a caffeine sugar rush but this whole thing is so bizarre and out of hand, it just makes no sense whatsoever.

Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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