Relationship Test Are You Continuing Without Pleasure

A relationship should be like a flowing river. Fresh, moving around and finding ways around obstacles. Enjoying a relationship should never be like a still pond of water that just exists. A relationship should have life and should never be a compromise.But many relationships become like a pond.

They began like river but are now stationary wondering where to go, and whether to exist at all. But they continue existing without any pleasure. The main reason is the inability of partners to face the uncertainty of breaking the relationship.The relationship continues because the partners don't want to face the future alone. They are tired of it and worried that they will undergo more pain if they break the relationship.

They neither try to refresh the relationship nor break it. There lies the heart of the matter.What should they do? They should sit together, talk about the stagnation in the relationship, and talk about how to give it a new life.

If they decide that it will not be possible, they should break up and look towards a better future. A relationship without pleasure will break up any way after some years. By that time, lot of time would have been lost and the discord would leave a very bad stamp of experience on both the partners. Better to control the disease in time.


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By: CD Mohatta

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