Security at our Nations Borders Building a Better Fence

Well the word is that law makers want to build a better fence and to extend this fence along our borders in the vulnerable areas some have said they ought to build it deep so no one can tunnel under it. Or have heavy anchors so someone cannot simply drive an army tank thru it or a giant tractor. One critic of the US Borders has said that she would like to see a substantial fence and stated:."I'm for a fence across the entire area, as Mexico just isn't doing anything and have lapsed into far too much whining about what the US is or isn't doing than trying to fix their own crap.

".Indeed many people are talking about all sorts of options. What if we drill small holes straight into the ground from the fence and put fishing wires down them with weights on the end with a trip wire wrapped around the fishing line which all is connected into the frame of the fence. If someone tries to build a tunnel it will alert authorities, then rather than come out and stop them, simply let them build the tunnel and get it going.Once build follow the first few shipments and then bust them all. Once you know they are building it, you still have lots of time to monitor it, let them waste their money and time and then catch the entire supply chain.

Consider such strategies and think on this in 2006.

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