The Mile High Club Sex in the Skies

Perhaps it's a cliché, but the Mile High Club exists and has an elite and proud membership. However, it is not as easy as it sounds and discrete sex has both its advantages and disadvantages. In most cases, the advantages outweigh the latter.

Obviously the limitations to how creative you must be are many, and there are two very important variables. One is a willing partner who is traveling with you (wife, girlfriend, partner), and the other is the fellow-traveler, who like you, is ready for adventure.Since the willing and ready partner needs no convincing, we will go on to the fellow-traveler and understand the signs and signals.

Should you be seated next to this person by chance, there will be some conversations and perhaps drinks. The mood will show itself, and perhaps you will catch some obvious body language signals?arm touching (once is not important, twice is saying "lets get closer" and three times plus means, "get ready".You may be the direct kind of person, and suggest a common walk to the toilets. The fellow-traveler may excuse himself / herself and walk alone. You can adventurously follow.

The next signals will be obvious, and its time to be bold. Ask first, and if you receive the answer you wish, proceed.You must be very careful not to be noticed.

So if one of you is in the toilet, the other must find a way to enter as well. You will not be noticed if you are careful. The best time is NOT after meals, and most likely as far away as mealtime as possible. So you are now both in the toilet.

What's next?.You (meaning your willing partner or your fellow-traveler) are in very tight spaces. The Airbus toilet is larger than Boeing, but either will do. Start your foreplay, but position the lady with her back towards the mirror as you will need the sink shelf in a few moments.This is not the time for long drawn out sexual encounters.You have 5 minutes maximum.

No more. Stop kissing as soon as possible, and get to removing only the essential clothing.Get to the point as soon as you can. If you are the man, drop your trousers as soon as possible.

Don't expect (or demand) fellatio, as it's very uncomfortable, and anyway, you can save that for later.With the lady seated as comfortably as possible on the wash basin, tilt her into position and enter her as quickly as possible. Thrusting is possible, but short strokes only.This is a maximum G-spot and clitoral stimulation position and will soon give loads of pleasure to both partners.

In this "quickly" environment, finishing as soon as you can is an advantage. There might be line outside the toilet of people waiting to get in.Have one of you exit first, and closing the door quickly behind.

Count to 30 and exit yourself.Back at the seats, and suppose you are just the two of you, and it's a night flight, and dark, you can go into the sleeping pose. If there the three seats (but just you two), take the two blankets and cover up with both seats back at full recline position.The man can keep his head above the blanket, but the lady can, go underneath, and make up for the lost fellatio in the toilet session. Next to follow is the wonderful pose, the Two Spoons.

With you both facing in the same direction, and with the critical closing loosened and pulled down to a useful level, covered by the blankets, you both to into a semi-fetal position. You are like two spoons nesting together.Entering is relatively easy, from the rear, and without trusting, but just with common pressure, you can remain together for an extended period.

The main points for you to remember if you are interested in sex in the skies is.?Be aware. Observe all the conditions of the flight before attempting to begin this.?Be intelligent.

Think out our scenario first. This is not the place for spontaneity, although it appears to be.?Be quick if you are in the toilets.?Be quiet! This is a silent operation.?Be ready should something go wrong.

The benefits are amplified sexual experiences that can, for some people bring great sex and unforgettable memories.

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By: Sacha Tarkovsky

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