The Perpetual Karma Motion Machine Lifting the Veil to Glimpse the Mechanism Behind the Curtain

"It is all very Unreal - or else it is all very Real - or perhaps it is Neither or Both!"."Experience found in a dream or a movie or a book is unreal; yet there is nothing more real. This statement is only reasonable if we except that our everyday experiences are just as unreal (or is it real?)".The law of cause and effect forms an integral part of Newtonian mechanics. In Hindu and Buddhist philosophy this law is termed as 'karma', which means to 'act'. It is the sum of a person's actions which describes his or her successive states of existence.

In the ancient spiritual language of Sanskrit karma means "volitional action that is undertaken deliberately or knowingly".Karma + Action  =  Karma Vestige = reaction:.We are all governed by karmic patterns that are ingrained reactions, habitual conceptualizations, emotional and intellectual rigidities which are conditioned both individual and communally. Karma is a device we pull out of are collective hat (consciousness); activate, apply, react to, create and are subject to; while simultaneously creating more and/or strengthening the bonds of future karma in the process. The result is closing the circle of fate within a greater circle of karma each feeding on each other.  This system dictates and couples action to reaction; sowing the seeds of the future resulting in an endless cycle.

This is the traditional portrait of 'Samsara' and the, 'man behind the curtain', Mara; the architect of illusion.Replacement View:.Pass, present and future karma is only potential (a seed) and not a given.  This seed's natural state is that of dormant energy (not even yet defined)   and it need never be awaken even in the process of it's removal. A sentient being's life path is a series of perpetual opportunities (choices).

We are not a consequence of karma but it's creator hence we are victim/prosecutor,  judge/jury, innocent and executioner. It is we that provides the power to karma and define how that power is expressed. Concepts such as action/reaction,  cause/ effect, push/pull, tooth for a tooth, pay back, revenge, justice, fairness and balance has relevance only within the mechanics of our surface reality, our Newtonian universe. Such a model works well for transpiring facade mechanisms such as the gas combustion engine or the movements of stars. There is a deeper perception available and it is here were we find that the surface mechanics of the universe are only skin deep.'Duality' is to know self by knowing other; to know goodness by witnessing evil.

These are powerful teachers and can not, should not, be ignored; yet they are only reflections of karmic perceptions. They are merely doorways to deeper realizations and not a destination. Phenomenon is composed of surface duality's that are simply tendencies and probabilities reinforced by habitual patterns; they are not absolute. This knowledge is a step, a tool, towards the liberation of consciousness. It can redefine phenomenon by using the karmic emotional and intellectual vestiges for self empowerment.

Intercept traditional reactionary sequences and you interrupt karmic patterns. Without interaction karma can not create new karma thus fracturing the action/reaction equation.  You have now stepped out of the circle and are 'free to move about the cabin'.Anger directed towards an individual often causes anger to surface within that person resulting in a classic action/reaction paradigm.

An example of 'karma interruptus' would be to choose to meet that anger with some level of understanding and even compassion. At first such a reaction may be mostly forced and artificial but even an unsuccessful attempt will foster a measure of  self understanding. Even an inauthentic reaction will begin to shape genuine understanding and eventually lead to spontaneously arising compassion (empathy with other).Retraining the mind in such a manner we support and progress our own spiritual evolution. This, in-turn, leads to liberation from dualistic delusions and the empowerment of self generated choice.

No longer subject to manipulation by the puppet master 'Mara'; we lift the veil of surface phenomenon, the curtain ripples, and the seed of karmic law is transformed into a harvest of opportunities."It is better than a hundred years lived apathetic and non energetic - is one day lived awake, energetic and firm" - Buddha Shakyamuni.-Richard Rudis (Sonam Dorje).

.Richard Rudis, (Sonam Dorje), has studied Eastern philosophy and Buddhism, in Asia as well as the States, for over twenty five years and is a American practitioner of Vajrayana Buddhism.

When in Tibet in 1996 he was granted refuge in the Buddha from His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa and was given the Tibetan name Sonam Dorje; (Meritorious Thunderbolt). He has been teaching Dharma/Vibrational healing workshops with the Himalayan (Buddhist) Sacred Sound Instruments and their healing potential across the US for over twelve years and is considered most knowledgeable in this esoteric field. As the owner of the Illuminarium and, (retail locations specializing in Sacred Eastern Artifacts and Dharma teachings), he represents the artifacts of many Tibetan/Buddhist Lamas and communities.

By: Richard Rudis

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