The Spiritual Art of Yoga

Just a few of the types of Yoga are Hatha, Bhakti and Karma.Hatha yoga is a physical yoga that uses physical exercises. A Yogic sage in the 15th century named Yogi Swatmarama is known as the developer and compiler of Hatha yoga. It is derived from the origins of Mahayana Buddhism. It starts with the purification of the physical then leads to the purification of the mind and then lastly the purification of spirit which brings enlightenment. The physical exercises are called asanas which mean postures, which bring one in tune with one's vital energy which is called prana.

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj which means to yoke meaning to join or unite. In the West it generally translates to union with soul or the atma. Thus the attainment of enlightenment and becoming the yogi.

Bhakti Yoga is another very popular style of Yoga. Bhakti translates as developing divine love and devotion to God and is often known as one of the more easier paths of yoga. Bhakti yoga generally uses 9 Bhakti movements and its goal is moksha which means liberation.Karma is a term quiet familiar to western culture especially with the growth of the new age movements. Karma yoga is often called the discipline of action.

There is good and bad karma. Karma is the law of cause and effect and is mainly known to be taught in Indian religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and also Sikhism as well as Jainism. Although the early Christians also knew and taught about the teachings of karma they were the esoteric groups like the Gnostics, the Essenian teachings and the Rosicrucian's. Even in today's Christian bible you can read the phrase "What you sow you shall also reap" meaning what you sow or do you shall reap or experience the effect of your actions.Some of the Physical health benefits of practicing yoga are reduced stress levels and a decrease in anxiety and depression; a great benefit for our fast paced world of today.

Yoga also improves the immune system and reduces circulatory problems.One simple yoga technique for releasing stress, which you can do anywhere, even while you're at work without jumping into any posture or physical stance. Take a few moments out and close your eyes and follow your breath. Breathe in hold the breath for a couple of seconds then release it.

Imagine the stress leaving on the out breath. Do that a few times then be aware when you're taking the breath in imagine breathing in the prana, the vital energy of the universe. After a few more times, be aware, at first with your imagination, that your whole being is filled with this vital energy so it comes in with the in breath and also goes out with the out breath. Try this technique for five to ten minutes and you will feel the results.

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By: Michael Russell

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