Tropical Depression Storm and Hurricane Ernesto

Apparently this year we have plenty of Hispanic Hurricane Names. Which makes sense because Mexico and Central America due to flooding caused by Hurricanes killed more people there then in the United States with Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.The 2005 Tropical Hurricane Season was a big one with lots of record breaking and the 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season is already off to a big start and we are already on the "E's" and this year it is Ernesto and next comes Florence and then Gordon, could even be before the month is over and that would not surprise veteran meteorologists one bit.In fact the NOAA and NASA weather satellites show the ocean surface temps are getting warmer and warmer and surfers can already tell you that along with surfside local newspapers with the number of reported shark sightings and attacks.

One Gulf Coast resident recently said in an online news journal; "We are not even done rebuilding yet from last year and already here it comes again.".How big will Ernesto get? No one can say for sure although the Miami Hurricane Center and the Weather Channel pretty much agree with the NOAA's projected path. It looks as if this one will make landfall and authorities are urging residents to follow any and all mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders. So consider this in 2006.


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