Using Patterns to Discover Your Past Lives

So you want to remember a past life, do you? Well, the first step to self-regression and discovering your past lives doesn't have anything to do with memory or hypnosis. You need a place to start your exploration. You'll want an idea of where to look when first you begin your regression. Where do you find this jumping-off point? No, I'm not going to give you a past-life quiz. Instead, I encourage you to think about yourself. Consider all the subjects that interest you, all the strange things that repulse you.

For instance, maybe you've always wanted to go to Italy. Perhaps you love movies about knights in armor. Maybe you have an inexplicable fear of crows, or hate wearing jewelry around your neck. You might have a gift for painting, or a deep love for all things equestrian. Or just maybe you're like my mom; she's always been fond of saying she was a rice farmer in China in a previous life.Whatever it is, this talent or fear or interest of yours might originate in a past life.

Listen to it. Embrace it. Come to terms with it.For some folks, the connection to one particular life is very strong.

For instance, it's probably safe to say that people who participate in reenactments of the American Civil War most likely lived through that conflict first hand. For me, the pull of eighteenth-century England is the most powerful influence, due to the lessons learned in that life carrying over into this one. For most people, though, there usually isn't anything that clear-cut to focus upon, and past-life patterns aren't readily apparent. You might have normal, modern interests like movies or shopping or spending time with your friends and family, and far away lands have never "called" to you. That's fine.

But if you look closely enough, you might find those modern activities actually have past-life origins. To give you an example from my own experiences: I like movies. This seems completely unrelated to any of my past lives. But I've uncovered past-life patterns over the years that I've since learned are connected to my eighteenth-century life as Mary Carter.

For instance, my favorite movies fall into three categories: movies involving England or starring British actors, movies starring certain actors I've been infatuated with, and movies that are extremely well written and well made. Now, everyone likes Oscar-nominated films ? no past-life connections there. But when I began noticing that my earliest movie and television favorites starred actors with English accents, that's when the past-life patterns started to emerge. Mrs.

Clause had an English accent in some children's Christmas cartoon, and I copied it as best I could, even at the age of six. At ten, we played "Space 1999" on the playground, and I was always emulating Maya's voice. Obi Wan Kenobi was my hero at eleven. At thirteen, Frank N. Furter fascinated me. All English voices, all powerful influences I have never forgotten.

And it goes without saying that films like "Amadeus," "Dangerous Liaisons," "Valmont," "Impromtu," "Last of the Mohicans," and "Sense & Sensibility" were films I saw over and over again. Now one would think there'd be no past-life connection in the work of Harrison Ford, Daniel Day-Lewis, David Duchovny, Val Kilmer and Johnny Depp. Wrong. Turns out these guys all have something about their facial features that reminds me of my past-life love.

It's in the shape to the chin, the wideness of the face, the hollow to the cheekbones, the freckles/moles, or the reddish-brown hair. Each actor represents something different about Thomas Carter, but if you smooshed them all together, you'd get my husband. And that's what keeps me a fan of these actors above all else (except Mr. Depp, who is a special case). Moral of the story? Past-life patterns can be found in some surprising places.

All right, in my example above, I mentioned you might enjoy spending time with your family and friends. This can be part of a past-life pattern, too. The types of relationships you cultivate ? or fail to cultivate ? can be a hold-over from a past-life issue. For instance, my brother and I have from the very start never gotten along. Not like regular fighting siblings, no, this is different. Deep-seated grudges held since childhood for no apparent reason, and deep admiration at the same time.

It's complicated, but suffice it to say that on some level, we both remember arguments that happened long before I was a twinkle in my father's eye. Exactly what occurred, I haven't figured out, but it took place on the shores of Central America on a ship sometime in the 1500s, and he was the bosun ? I was an ordinary sailor. The point is, if you have very strong connections to someone in your family, or severe problems with someone, or maybe, like me, you've failed to find a significant other at all, these things can be clues.Now to address the shopping.

Almost everyone likes to buy nice clothes. You might be the girl who goes to the mall every Saturday afternoon, or the guy who enjoys dressing his Metrosexual best. No worries.

This could be related, a past-life pattern waiting to be found. In my case, I always have a great sense of what's in style, although I like to be comfortable, so jeans are my best friend. But I know what's hot. I do.

As it turns out, Mary Carter (my 1790s self) was obsessed with fashion. The details I always remember best from that life are the clothes I see around me. I couldn't tell you what I wore yesterday, but in 1788 I had some pretty amazing lilac-colored gloves. Go figure.

So if you regularly read "In Style Magazine," it might be part of a past-life pattern.So what is the practical purpose to all this? What do you do with these past-life patterns? To use these examples, you'd find that you probably lived in England during the eighteenth-century, that there was an amazingly handsome guy around (against whom you measure every man in this life), and you were obviously hanging with well-to-do people, what with the nice wardrobe and all. Doesn't mean you were the lady of the house. You might have been the maid.

It doesn't matter. It gives you a place to begin when you reach that relaxed, meditative state and you ask yourself, who was I in a past life? Instead, you can pose this question to your subconscious: "Who was I in the eighteenth century?" It's like fishing with a worm instead of a bare hook. It might be the wrong bait, you might not land the marlin you're trolling for, but at least it's a start.

.For more tips on how to remember your past life, please visit my website at http://my-past-life.

com I have twenty years of experience remembering and verifying my own past lives, and I would love to help you; I respond to all emails, and enjoy hearing from those who share an interest in the past.Article Source:


By: Jill Kamp

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