Washington To Float Away Wonder if the Corruption Will Too

Will the dishonesty be washed out of Washington DC? Will we see corrupt politicians float on by? Some them look pretty buoyant indeed; you know like that nice Black Congress Lady who hit the cop. Wonder if bureaucracy is buoyant too, that would be bitchen!.Looks like all the tax returns will be floating into the Potomac from the Internal Revenue Service and maybe some old archives from the National Archive Building with the flooded basement? Of course the Justice Department lost their Virginity years ago, maybe Truth, Justice and the American Way will float back buy this week?.The politicians and bureaucrats have been drinking too much of the water in those lead pipes over the years and it has melted their brains now. A little more soggy brains will not make a difference but more flooding is on its way via Mother Nature like a giant power flush of that corrupt town with all those scoundrels living off the fat of this nation and spending us on Great Nation into bankruptcy flooded with worthless currency.

The people in Washington DC actually believe that the rest of the nation cares about them? No way, they have been bending over the American People far too long. Our borders lead like a broken dam as illegal aliens flood our nation and now Mother Nature is giving them a taste of their own medicine. Consider this in 2006 and let Washington DC sink or swim.


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By: Lance Winslow

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