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In this week's editorial (now known as the rant) I ask a few questions about your family's safety. I'm sure that the primary concern for most of you is the safety of your children. It should be. Most of us would do anything to protect our children and spouses.1) Q - What if your neighbor told you that you did not belong in your neighborhood and should go back from where you came?.

A - Most of us would take some sort of action to protect our families. We would probably notify law enforcement. Wouldn't we?.2) Q - What if your neighbor started threatening you and your family?.A - Once again, we would take those threats very seriously and take some sort of action to protect ourselves.3) Q - What if our neighbor was producing a weapon that could obliterate your family?.

A- You would either move or fight back. How about a preemptive strike?.The questions posed to you are similar situations facing the free world and Israel in particular. Iran has told Israelis and Jews that they don't belong in the region and should go back to where they come from (Europe).Biblically speaking, Israel has as much as if not more of a claim to it's land then anyone else.Iran has threatened the free world and Israel.

So it would be expected for these parties to be afraid.Iran is close to producing Nuclear weapons and the means of unleashing them on the world. Iran will soon have the power of obliterating the free world.We should be afraid of the evil people running Iran. Israel, the United States, Britain and the rest of the free world can't pick up and leave. They shouldn't have to.

What the free world needs to do is take preemptive action immediately. They must take swift action and must be brutally harsh and devastating.The time for diplomacy with the devil has come to an end. If we take anymore time we will be observing our future from our graves.


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By: Anthony Bloch

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