Your Only Option is Success

(The following is the part 1 of a 2 part series focusing on achieving success in one's life.).Did you realize that your life was actually pre-destined for success and that you were hard-wired and pre-planned for greatness? Can you imagine your life surfing on a continual high, wave, and generation of success? If not, then get used to the idea, because success is your only option in life.

But how you argue? Everyone can't be rich, there can only be one at the top, not everyone is educated, and there're so many living in poverty, how possibly can everyone have success as their only option?.Well I'm so glad you asked. Let's first re-define success. Success isn't a dollar amount, an overpriced car, or a vast countryside estate. These are only the window-dressings of perceived success.

Success is achieving what the God of your Understanding has pre-destined you to do and to become. And the icing on the cake is that when you are obedient in doing and becoming what the Universe desires, then the window-dressings of success will always follow. It's just that simple!.But that's too easy you say. If that's the case then the entire world be successful.

YES, that's it!! The entire world is meant to be successful! You see success comes in many different forms, shapes and colors. The Universe stands ready to hoist upon you volumes of success, if only you would allow your life, your words, your actions, and your love to be transformed and used for the spiritual purpose and plan it was meant for.But as you think about it some more you desperately try to convince yourself this really isn't the path. Not everyone can thrive you say.

Not everyone can be rich, not everyone can be middleclass, the economic system just doesn't work that way. All 6.4 billion people in the world simply cannot exist when everyone succeeds and no one ever fails.

Well sir/madam, I am here to happily inform you that you are completely and utterly dead-wrong!! With all of your might you cling to the mistaken belief that there are scarce, limited resources in the world and even scarcer, limited time to grab your share of it. This is why the blessings of the universe have not yet been opened to you.Success is your only option but you're in a holding pattern waiting to take off. You see you're still stuck on the ground; you haven't yet begun to fly. The reason you're stuck on the ground is because of your limited thinking, limited knowledge and limited understanding of a God that owns and operates everything in the universe and beyond.

You're also stuck thinking that your life is really about you. Instead your life is meant to be utilized by God and through its use, your success will come. I would dare estimate that a few billion people in this world are in a holding pattern due to their limited enlightenment. Okay, Okay you shout.

I'll give it a try but how do I know what I was meant to do? How do I find my purpose in life??.Well here's the formula:.Prayer + Meditation + Self-Action = Purpose x 2,3,4 or more = Success.1. Prayer is you talking to God.

2. Meditation is you listening to God. (much harder to do).

3. Self-Action is doing what you hear God telling you to do. (even harder to do).

4. Purpose is the sum of your Prayer, Meditation, and Self-Action.5. Success is your purpose magnified or multiplied times 2, 3 4 or more. Whatever the amount of effort you put into living out your purpose is returned to you in your success (i.e.

window dressings that we covet such as money, car, house etc).Sounds really easy doesn't it? Well it is, until you find out what your purpose is; that's when you start to back away. You see some of you were meant to teach, others preach, others were meant to sing, others were meant to listen, while other were meant to build and create something from nothing.Some of you were meant to become the targets of others (i.e. activists) while others were meant to change their careers altogether and become and do something that initially their heart does not desire.

So instead of living out your purpose and receiving the success you were meant to have, you remain on the ground waiting to take off, but you never do. So in essence, you never take advantage of the only option available to you which is success.Success is waiting to be eagerly and generously bestowed upon you, but instead you spend your life in a holding pattern then you eventually die unhappy and unfulfilled blaming it all on God or on your being gay/lesbian.Well I'm happy to report that I've decided to live my life embracing the only option that is available to me, which is success. Do you want to join me? Will you join me? If so, then I'll see you at the mountaintop!.


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By: Herndon Davis

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