Whats Valuable About Values - Let's talk about values.

Water Quality and Carbonated Soft Drinks Establishing a Healthy Life Style in Our Schools - ? The Problem.

He Died For Me - Why did he come to earth, because he loved me so?.

Economics and the Ranting Public - Today you can go on any Blog and hear the critics criticizing economic policy and the Bush Administration.

The Value of Your Values - All adults have a set of values built into their conscience.

Boosting SelfEsteem - For many years I presented my character building educational assemblies at a school in Detroit, Michigan.

Domestic Violence is Your Problem - There is a generation of children growing up believing that it is okay to hurt others this way and that is our problem as an intelligent society to look at and try to fix.

Stepping Up Downtown Revitalization - The Need to Step Up Downtown Revitalization.

Criminal Record Holes In Reporting - Those who think that getting information on a person with a criminal record is as easy as picking up a phone and making a call may find this article an eye opener.

Religion and Identity The Conservation of Personal Power - How do individuals identify themselves? If you took a fair survey of the adult population, the large majority would identify themselves with a particular institutional religion.

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