Association announces Paper Recycling Industry Day

Association announces Paper Recycling Industry DayThe Georgia Recycling Coalition's Paper Council and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs is holding a Paper Recycling Industry Day April 20th in Dublin, Ga. Attendees can chose from the morning or afternoon session.

The purpose of the one-day event is to help the paper and recycling industry in Georgia create solutions to paper recycling challenges in local communities.

The program's organizers say that the paper industry in Georgia is one of the largest employers in the state and that the event will help local and state elected officials, as well as recycling program managers, association representatives and the media, to better understand many of the dynamics that affect the paper and paper recycling industries.

The purpose of the event, according to its organizers, is for the paper recycling industry to reach out to communities to create a stronger infrastructure for quality paper recovery.

The program will include a presentation about the paper recycling industry's impact on Georgia, as well as a tour of the SP Newsprint mill in Dublin, Ga.

The association plans to make the Paper Recycling Industry Day an annual event.



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