Create Closure and Possibilities - How many of you agree that closure is needed before you are truly able to embrace the future? The simple act of closing one door so you can open another holds true.

White Sun Heaven Earth - This is a story to show how when we contribute and put ourselves last, we can be first and people will in return give us back:.

Organizations Number One Rule - Forgetfulness is not exclusively a sign of some dreaded medical disorder, but more probably an indication that you are perfectly normal ? simply disorganized.

Feng Shui Flying Stars for - (From February 4 ,2006 to February 3, 2007).

The Power of Thoughts on Plants and Water - My friend Debra believes fervently in the power of thoughts.

Americas Power Elite Families Are they all Just Scoundrels - Many people are upset that the power elite own and control nearly everything in America.

Dating Advice Biggest Internet Dating Mistakes - Dating after a divorce is tough.

High Oil Prices Hurting US Auto Makers Are You Surprised Lance Rants - Well here we are in 2006 watching the Delphi as they close 21 plants and lose their GM contracts for parts.

How To End A Date - Some daters feel like the end of the date is the most anxiety provoking time in the whole evening.

Finding Information On Your Dates - With more and more people becoming victims of their dates, you really have to be careful these days.

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