Am I My Sisters Keeper Part III - Last time we left off talking about what hinders us from being our sister?s keeper.

Rebuilding New Orleans Is It Wise - Some say we must rebuild New Orleans and other say that is simply nuts, as the Hurricanes are not going to stop anytime soon and it could take years to rebuild the city?s defense infrastructure to handle Mother Nature.

Friendship Test Do Friends Love Talking To You - You must be having a large group of friends.

Finding the Balance in Your Breath by Jeanie Marshall Review of Meditation CD - Finding the Balance in Your Breath
(Guided Meditation).

Hypnosis Can Help You WIN Love - Love will build your heart with its dreamy songs and create a magical world for you to live in.

I Am An Idiot - I am an idiot.

Jodie Foster Really Bugs Me - Don?t get me wrong: I am very admiring of her as an actress, as a director and as a strong woman in a male-dominated industry who continues to navigate what can only be described as an individualistic, trends-bucking career.

Transformational LongTerm Permanent Lasting Change The Function of Change in Success - I learned early in my life that if things needed to change, it was up to me to change them.

Sex OffendersDo Laws Restricting Where They Live Protect Children - Society needs to take a hard look to make sure such laws are not giving families a false sense of security.

What If - In this week?s editorial (now known as the rant) I ask a few questions about your family?s safety.

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