Can You Beat the Breathalyzer - If you are ever suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol and pulled over by the police, you may be given a Breathalyzer test, which will be used to determine the level of alcohol concentration in your bloodstream.

How to Teach Yoga in the Corporate Marketplace Part - Many Yoga instructors, and Yoga teacher interns, are seeking methods for reaching into the corporate sector.

Indonesia Tribe Predicted the Giant Tsunami and Sumatra Quake - How can an indigenous Indian tribe predict and sense precursory Earthquake waves and know a Tsunami is coming and leave the day before for higher and safer ground? Fascinating questions indeed and perhaps worth exploring; in fact one online think.

Good Luck II - Good luck seems like random fortunate coincidences, but there are things we do that cause more of what we call "luck," both good and bad.

Am I my Sisters Keeper Part II - Last time we left off talking about the driving force or desire behind being our sister?s keeper.

Companies Such as Car Washes to Be Targeted for Using Illegal Aliens - Most carwash is in the United States of America use illegal immigrants and illegal aliens his labor.

Weakness is Not an American Trait it is a Liberal One Lance Rants Big Time - Are you a loser? Are you weak? Are you simply one of the many down trodden Americans who cannot get out of their own way? Do you know why you are weak and living in mediocrity or even have time to read this article? Well it is due to social condit.

Memory Techniques - While memory techniques are not a new thing, the understanding of human memory has always been complicated.

There Are No Unimportant People - You are not insignificant.

Fear and Loathing in South Florida - During my most recent trip to the East coast of South Florida, which turned out to be much lengthier than anticipated, I knew before hand there would be much to loath and probably more to fear.

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